Build & run your apps on the go

Dringend lets you build and run your application wherever you are in the world, be it on a beach or whilst relaxing at a cafe. View errors and warnings just like with Xcode and best of all you can run your project on the iPad itself. (Mac to act as build server & Dropbox account required)

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Work with your Xcode projects

It's easy to import or create new Xcode projects. Browse through your project and organize or create new files. Choose a template for a file or project and Dringend will generate all the files and folders to get you started.

Fully integrated with Dropbox

Import your project from Dropbox and Dringend will handle syncing any changes you make in the app back to Dropbox. That way you can work on both your Mac and on your iPad and your files will always be up to date.

Code editing, plain and simple

Line numbering as you type and full live syntax highlighting. Dringend goes the full mile and provides complete syntax highlighting for all your code plus find and replace when you need it, just like Xcode. It updates live so you will be right at home.

And more...

There are many more features planned for Dringend in the future: Git support (coming in version 1.2); XIB/Storyboard support; and autocomplete are all in the pipeline to make Dringend the best development environment on iPad for developers.

Get developing on your iPad now

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